Easter in Athens

If you have the chance to be in Athens for Easter (Pascha) you can consider yourself lucky. Don’t waste time in your Athens hotel but get out and enjoy the scenery!


Easter is the most important celebration of the Greek calendar and traditions are respected by the most locals. The Holy Week begins on the first Monday before Easter with a severe period of fasting and repentance and on Tuesday the houses are painted in white.


On Good Friday, church bells ring throughout the day and at eight in the evening candle-lit processions start behind every decorated  funerary catafalque (epitaphios), winding slowly through the streets. The next day, at midnight, people are gathering in front of the churches with lambades (candles), lit by the priests bearing the Holy Light from Jerusalem, thus proclaiming the resurrection of Christ. It all takes place on the background of fireworks lit by children.


The celebration culminates on Easter Sunday with traditional Greek music that resounds in the streets and the parks, while the smell of lamb barbecues from the roofs will wake up your senses.


Accommodation starts from as low as 25€ per night for a double room (source: www.guestus.com)


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